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From the outside, 2 Friends Farm resembles nothing more than a warehouse on a quiet street in Attleboro, MA. You'd never guess that inside this old mill, a farm is bustling with activity and bursting with greens. Endless rows of different shades of green line up, tray after tray, until it's time to harvest. Trays are growing wheatgrass, a plant known for its immense health benefits when juiced; and microgreens, tiny, young plants packed with vitamins, minerals and life force. All of our greens are hand harvested within two weeks after they poke their little green leaves out of rich, fertile soil.


Founding Friend Ashley Driscoll got the idea to grow microgreens while searching for healthier foods to feed her family. Surrounded by fast food options and wilting vegetables, she wanted to grow the goodness she craved. With no previous commercial farming experience and no large stretch of farmland, she researched how to make her dream come true. This search eventually led her to microgreens, which are equally and exceptionally small and nutrient dense. As her desire to grow microgreens blossomed, a friendship with John Irving bloomed around the same time. John's business knowledge and technical skills along with their shared desire for a healthier, happier life brought the two friends together to grow the seed of an idea into a busy farm. The Founding Friends planted their first seeds in January of 2012 and 2 Friends Farm quickly sprouted to life.


All of our crops are grown in rich, fertile soil and certified organic. The farm offers wheatgrass, single crop microgreens, and a line of salad and smoothie mixes that provide super nutritious combinations of varied microgreens. 2 Friends Farm greens can be found in fine grocery stores, juice bars and restaurants around Massachusetts, Rhode Island and the Northeast - also available for farm pick-up as well as homedelivery to select towns.

Hungry yet? Find our greens and taste the goodness we grow everyday, year-round for your family and ours.



Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.


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