At 2 Friends Farm, we promote a nutrient dense, live food diet.


We strongly recommend that our friends and all others drink the juice of the young wheat plant regularly. In comparing nutrient density when juicing, wheatgrass is the king of the green juice. In this changing world with large chemical applications to food crops, genetically modified seeds and depleted soils, consuming essential amounts of vitamins, minerals and living enzymes is harder and harder to do. Our certified organic wheatgrass is grown in rich, fertile soil. When wheatgrass is grown in rich fertile soil it absorbs 92 of the known 115 minerals from the soil, according to research done by Ann Wigmore. The human body requires these vitamins, minerals and living enzymes to perform functions like proper hormone production, healing, preventing and fighting diseases. In addition, wheatgrass is a proven blood and organ detoxifier, which strengthens the immune system and increases energy and ultimately may help extend lifespan.


It’s a fact that the oxygen in our atmosphere has dramatically reduced over the last 200 years. The major cities are experiencing this more. Chlorophyll actually has the ability to create more oxygen in the blood and body tissues. Disease cannot live in an oxygen rich environment, and with our atmospheric oxygen declining, wheatgrass juice is an easy way to supply our body with needed oxygen, and allow all our body tissues to function at an optimal level.


Let’s not forget the protein! Wheatgrass juice is full of protein, containing 17 amino acids which are the building blocks for protein. Living plant protein is easier on the body because the body gets the original building blocks to build the protein, instead of animal proteins which have to be taken apart and put back together again. In our opinion, the less work the body has to do to perform regular daily functions, the more ability it has to heal itself, as well as keep itself vibrantly healthy.


At 2 Friends Farm, we are talking about thriving and living vibrantly with health into old age. We believe that wheatgrass juice, along with a diet of organic living foods will lead us there.

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